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WELCOME TO AgriTalent Recruiters, Inc.TM

ATR specializes in recruiting qualified candidates from entry-level to top management positions for agricultural companies throughout the United States. The ATR Consultants, who you entrust with your search assignments, are experienced Agricultural industry professionals who understand your talent requirements.  Due to client and candidate satisfaction and continuous word of mouth referrals, ATR has become one of the more trusted and relied upon Agricultural recruiting and placement firms across the United States since 1994. Companies of all sizes from small to Fortune 500 companies both domestic and international depend on ATR for their qualified talent needs.

ATR is committed to business integrity, qualified candidates, client service, confidentiality and dependability that fosters long-term partnerships with our clients.

ATR is an employer paid contingency fee search firm. At no time and under no circumstances will ATR ask a candidate to pay a fee or pay any portion of a fee. In addition, there is no registration fee of any type for the client or candidate.

Upon submitting a resume to any ATR Consultant it is immediately transmitted to ALL ATR Consultants whose specialty matches your area of expertise. If you request, your resume will remain with the consultant you submitted it to.

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